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    Report from the Netherlands

The happiness learned from the Netherlands

 One of our members will have stayed abroad in UWC in the Netherlands since the summer of 2016.
She tells you her awareness about the special features of the Netherlands.
(The photographs are original)



 Hi. My name is Moe. I have been in Maastricht, the Netherlands to study since last summer.
Let me introduce you the advantages of the Netherlands, which is ranked as the 7th happiest country by the United Nations and as the happiest country for children by UNICEF.
There are three points I want to introduce.

1.Developed infrastructure

photo  Bicycles are essential for the Dutch to spend their days.
According to statistics, most of the Dutch have more than 2 bicycles.
Therefore, streets only for bicycles are constructed here.
In addition, not only bicycles but other transportations are developed as well.
For example, subways run on time in the Netherlands like in japan, and there are a lot of bus stations, too.

2.The balance between work and leisure

photo  The Dutch keep a good balance between work and leisure.
Most of the people living here seem to enjoy themself in their own way.
For instance, in my case, I was told "you should not study hard but had better enjoy your vacation" by my teacher before my winter vacation started.
On weekdays, I often see citizens play sports such as running, jogging and so on.

3.Parents with positive attitudes

photo  The Dutch cherish the time with their families. Compared to Japanese fathers, more fathers in the Netherlands seem to take part in child-rearing.
So, they make great deal of their children's school events including Halloween and Christmas.

 While staying in the Netherlands, I found many good points.
The Nether lands have delicious food, beautiful streets and houses, and so on.
I think that it is a very attractive country.
While the official language is Dutch, people are good at speaking English, too, which makes it easy for foreign people to communicate with local people in the Netherlands while traveling. If you ever have a chance to travel to Europe, please drop by the Netherlands!
      Tot ziens~