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Our Ranking of happiness

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 2-1Actual conditions survey of happiness
 2-2The results of the questionnaire for students in the world
 2-3The results of the questionnaire for students in Japan
 2-4The conclusion of the questionnaires
 3-1Our Ranking of happiness
 3-2The result of our ranking of happiness

The indexes we used in making a ranking of happiness

1.National holiday
 We think the amount of free time has a deep relationship with happiness and the degree of your life's satisfaction.

2.Air pollution
 We think that clean air makes us feel good in daily life.
In China, for example, blue sky is so rare because of the serious air pollution there, that people take pictures of it and post them on Twitter, for it demonstrates the importance of nice and clean air.

3.Diffusion rate of waterworks
 Water quality affects our life like air pollution. We also realized that being able to drink tap water makes us happy from our experiences oversea where tap water can't be drunk.

4.Grobal peace index
 We choose this index to research into public order and peace.

5.The intake of food energy
 We think eating food sufficiently makes us happy.

6.Enrollment rate of secondary education
 School life takes up most of our daily lives and also comes important in our future careers.

7.Gross domestic product(GDP) per capita
 Economic wealth affects our life to some extent...