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Actual conditions survey of happiness

 1Our happiness
 2-1Actual conditions survey of happiness
 2-2The results of the questionnaire for students in the world
 2-3The results of the questionnaire for students in Japan
 2-4The conclusion of the questionnaires
 3-1Our Ranking of happiness
 3-2The result of our ranking of happiness

We conducted a questionnaire both in English and in Japanese to think about what happiness is to high school students.
This is the explanation of each question.

 We think that gender may make some difference in how we feel happy.

 We ask to compare the result between countries.

Time with their family
 As we have the word QOL, we think that the amount of time you can spend
with your family influences your happiness.

Economic conditions
 We think that economic conditions have at least some impacts on our happiness, as long as we are taking data from high school students, it is difficult to ask directly, so we change the question and ask if they have a part time job, and what they use their wages for.

 In the World Happiness Report, it is said that people living in an equal society feel happier.
If so, we think it would be the same for us high school students too.

How much economic wealthiness accounts for happiness
 We ask students whether they were happy as long as they are wealthy.

 Education becomes quite important when it comes to future careers, and having a lot of possibilities should be one kind of happiness for us.

Current status
 Things that make you happy This is the simplest way to think about what happiness for high school students.

Things that make you unhappy

Things you want
 To get what you want must be a kind of happiness.

 We think that religious beliefs have one of the most powerful impacts on our values, so ask how much religion accounts for their lives.

 We heard that what we regret is the thing we want, and asked what they regret the most in their lives.

How happy you are right now
 We would like to compare the data between people who answer they are happy and people who does not. Also, we all agree that the most important thing is whether that person is happy or not.