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What Makes You Happy?

What we have tried to tell you through this website

1. To try finding happiness is to understand yourself, others, and foreign cultures

 Some people say that happiness isn't something you are supposed to look for, but everything around you gives impact on your happiness, such as the environment, culture, tide etc… . Looking for your own happiness means to try to understand yourself, to understand others, and moreover to understand various cultures, that may lead you to come across new things that makes you happy furthermore. Forms of happiness are uncountable. To try to find happiness brings us joy in that it would be a growing experience, as well as a way to discover happiness in a different way.

2. All happiness has something in common

 We realized that various happiness people feel have things in common by analyzing the data we got from the questionnaire we had carried out. At first glance, it seems that happiness varies from person to person and are completely different, but they all have a quite similar sense, and what differs is only the way how you take it. That is to say, all of us have the same core.

 For instance, a lot of foreign students who have cooperated in our questionnaire answered that they are happy when they are with their families. Most of these students are the students who have experienced being away from their homes or are right now, so they learned the hard way to appreciate time with their families when they can. As we said above in the last section, there are numerous aspects, but we think that we all feel some kind of happiness for what we have experienced lacking or insufficient, or things we may feel uncomfortable without them.

3. Happiness is what we gain, not receive

 Our project consisted of research on both environmental and mental point of view, and we figured out that there were differences between countries for the environmental aspect, but not so much for mental aspects. In other words, no matter how bad the environment you're living in is, you are likely to be happy at heart, and that happiness can be gained by your own hands. We propose interacting with people as a way to enable this. For instance, let's pretend you're on a train or a bus finally being able to sit, but some person with a cane got on and you had to switch seat with him or her. You might think it tiresome, but by making an action, you may be appreciated and feel happy or be a little confident doing something right. This is just one simple example, but what we want to say is that the opportunities for getting happy are everywhere around you, and it's up to you to take advantage of them.

 The thing which made us start all of this was doubts for the World Happiness Report. To quantify happiness was a really tough task for us, and we think there are still lots of questions to answer. We hope to continue on our research and eventually state what happiness is for all generations.

 And we return to our first question…
What Makes You Happy?
If our website can give at least a clue to this question, we will be very happy.
Thank you for reading!
 If you agree, we have a questionnaire for you to answer. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.